Tuesday, October 29, 2013

starting anew

I have restarted my makeup blog yet again!

To be honest, I need a distraction from the impending doom of AS-levels and my terrifying history teacher. So, lipstick armour has been reborn as vapid and vacant. I figured since that's how everyone views my makeup obsession, I might as well use it for my blog.

The header is slightly terrifying, but it's a pretty good representation of how my lips look most of the time (sans the smeared cheapo lipstick and coconut oil, obviously) and I've always liked the process of makeup removal. I have a whole photo series dedicated to it for my Art coursework, in fact. It's kind of beautiful how it all ends in the destruction of the 'face' we've created, I guess- that probably sounds incredibly pretentious, but I have a lot of feelings about makeup.

Like, it's not frivolous or vapid at all really. The most interesting thing about makeup to me, beyond the beautifying/prettifying aspects of it, is the emotional side. I mean, it can get pretty dark. Compulsion and instability and ritual in relation to beauty. It can be used to express emotion in a really visceral way and it can be important in the establishment of identity and still people dismiss it as something shallow and feminine, as if that was inherently bad. I guess what I'm trying to say is, makeup (for me personally) is about more than just making myself feel prettier. It's about creating an identity, a sense of self, an image of a person that I want to be. It helps ground me when I feel like I'm floating away or drowning and the act of applying makeup can help prepare me for things I have to do. The process of it is just as important as the final outcome.

Anyway, I've probably written a long, rambly post on tumblr along the same lines so I'll stop now. Suffice to say, I really like makeup and I will argue with you if you trivialise it*.

My first few posts will probably reuse photos from my old, deleted blogs with new text and opinions. Hopefully I'll be able to take some new photos of my makeup things at some point though.


*Although I mean, obviously only if you do it with malicious intent. Like, to mock people who love makeup. I fully admit that makeup is fairly frivolous on its own and I understand some people don't understand its appeal or impact.

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